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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Got questions? We’ve got answers! Just in case you want to know right now, here are the answers to the most frequently-asked questions!

Q: Can I really cut my own tree?

A: Yes, you can cut your own (we supply the saw), or if you prefer, we will cut it for you.

Q: What kind of trees do you grow?

A: We grow primarily Norway Spruce trees, and have a few Blue Spruce trees also.

Q: Do you grow Douglas Fir or Fraser Fir?

A: Yes, but we only have those varieties available in pre-cut form. Once per week we go to our other location and cut them for you and bring to our retail lot in Mendham where they are available. What sets us apart from other retail lots is we only cut what we can sell on a given weekend, so if you do buy one of our pre-cut trees you can be assured it was freshly cut.

Q: How many trees do you have to choose from?

A: We have over 3,000 trees which are 5′ and taller. In total, we have over 10,000 trees in various stages of production.

Q: Are all of your trees really nice?

A: Like people, genetics plays a major role in the production of Christmas trees. Most are healthy, some are sick. Some are tall, some are short. Some are fat, some are slender. Every customer has their own idea of what a perfect tree may be. We can accommodate most customers in picking the perfect tree.

Q: Can I use my own saw?

A: Of course you can, as long is it is some kind of hand saw. Due to insurance regulations, we cannot allow you to use a motorized saw of any kind on our farm.

Q: Do I need to bring twine to tie down my tree?

A: No you don’t, we pride ourselves on being organized and fully prepared to help you from start to finish. We have everything you may need.

Q: Is the hay ride and hot chocolate really free?

A: Yes it is. Our motto is “Everything is free, except the tree.”

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Yes! We’re pet-friendly! You can absolutely bring your dog with a few ABC’s: You must a) keep your dog leashed at all times and b) pick up after your dog immediately (please bring your own bags) and c) be respectful of others at all times. Oh, and please no “yellow water” on the trees. :-)

Q: Do you take credit or debit cards?

A: No we do not, we will gladly take cash or personal checks.