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Saturday, November 1, 2014


We have so many beautiful Christmas trees, you’ll be sure to find the perfect tree – the one that’s right for you!   Whether you want to choose and cut your own tree, or select a pre-cut tree from our lot, our friendly staff will assist you every step of the way.

Your perfect Christmas Tree is waiting here at Hidden Pond Tree Farm!


Small Trees (4-6ft.) $50

Medium Trees (5-9ft.) $75

Large Trees (10-14ft.) $125 & Up

Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce is the primary crop for our Choose-and-Cut tree customer. We have found through many years of experience that this variety of tree grows best in our soil. Unlike many other varieties of trees, the Norway Spruce can be grown without the use of dangerous pesticides, so when you or your loved one is cutting one of our trees, you can be sure we are doing our part to protect the environment.

For the 2010 season, our Norway Spruce will range in size from 5’ up to 12′. If cut fresh and put in water as soon as you arrive home, your Norway Spruce will keep you smiling throughout the holiday season!

Colorado Blue Spruce

Colorado Blue spruce is also grown on our farm and is available as a Choose-and-Cut tree for the 2009 season. The Colorado Blue Spruce is increasing popular as a Christmas tree – a result of its symmetrical form and attractive blue foliage. The needle retention is among the best for the spruces.

And because it’s also a great ornamental tree, many consumers select the Colorado Blue Spruce as a living Christmas tree, to be planted after the holiday season. We will offer The Colorado Blue Spruce in the 5’ to 8′  height range this season in limited supplies.


Premium Trees (10-14 ft.) $150-$200

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir

The Douglas Fir is the most popular type of Christmas Tree offered for sale in our region, due to its excellent needle retention and soft foliage. We grow our very own Douglas Fir trees at our secondary location in Hope, New Jersey.

Once each week throughout the holiday season, we harvest only as many trees as we think we can sell on a given weekend. This assures you a freshly cut tree and allows us to manage our crop in a responsible manner.

Hidden Pond Tree Farm’s Douglas Fir trees are available in the 6’ to 15’ height range this season, and make a truly magnificent Christmas Tree.

We have the freshest trees available!

Fraser Fir

Fraser Fir

Our Fraser Fir trees are selected and purchased from our trusted supplier and grower in Central Pennsylvania.

Just like we do with our Douglas Fir trees, we only harvest what we think we can sell in a given weekend.

This means we make more than one trip to our supplier. so that we can assure you of having a truly fresh cut Fraser Fir tree.

Hidden Pond Tree Farm is one of the very few farms that offers this kind of service to our customers.


Don’t Overpay!

At Hidden Pond Tree Farm, most of our Choose-and-Cut trees up to 10 feet tall are just $65. And as we like to say – everything but the tree is FREE!

WINNER 2009 NJ Christmas Tree Grand Championship!

WINNER 2009 NJ Christmas Tree Grand Championship!

You’ll find “FREE” is one of our favorite words!

  • FREE Hayrides
  • FREE Tree Netting
  • FREE Tree Drilling
  • FREE Tie Up
  • FREE Coffee
  • FREE Hot Chocolate

We make it easy – and FUN. That’s right, we’ll cut, trim, bundle and load your tree – all for FREE!

That’s why we say that Hidden Pond Tree Farm is the ULTIMATE Christmas Tree Farm Experience!